"Everything can be solved and coded because everything is real."

I'm Sandro and this is my Blog!

I like coding and I made this place to show my ideas, projects and share tricks and methods but most importantly it is a place where I can learn new things and push my limit.


For many years I have been developing in LabView with which I had lived greats experiences like in 2014 during the MONSTRA Festival in Lisbon where I participated as a developer and drone pilot for the performance I Care Us:

or when I worked as a developer and technician at SPARC LAB at the INFN LNF laboratories where I developed stand alone applications for remote data acquisition and motion control.


This space is created using my expertise and it will be available to show further projects and prototypes I like to make and show.

Currently this blog is made using:


Yes, I’d like to go further with my expertise and doing great things writing code. So, everyday "code"!

If you are interested on my works and projects, you will find my contact into the footer space. Thank you!

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