In this article I would like to show and explain some techniques that can be used to create a very dynamic and interactive table.

A table is an arrangement of information in rows and columns containing cells. It can be created to show information and also gives you the possibility to allow users to edit, to sort and search data using the element’s table.

.example of Dynamic Table

The table below shows data of a bunch of fake users.

This table is not responsive for smartphone devices, please consider using this table for only desktop or tablet devices.

.things to know
  • The users data is stored in mySql database
  • Javascript and Ajax methods are used to send and receive data from the server
  • Laravel framework classes are used as server-side software to handle this data
  • For integrity database reason, I intentionally left the "Add new user" button
  • I created a list of article where I'll explain the most peculiar parts of this project (link)
ID Name Surname E-mail Phone Level Cr. date Up. date

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