The Gallery Project is a Software Prototypes created for upload photos from any devices simply using a browser. This idea is inspired by others projects like Google Photos.

The project is made in Laravel and the User can send requests to the server thanks a responsive list of button and events that trigger various command to edit and administrate the content of his gallery. All commands and changes are executed in background using AJAX and Javascript.

The User needs to be logged to access on his galleries because each data is directly connect on his account and on his User ID. No one else can see his photos except for the other registered users that he allowed to see them adding their emails into the “sharing tools”.

The maximum size of the single file is 25Mb and there are no limitations about number of galleries or photos that a single user can create.

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.howTo( tutorial )

.creation .editing .sorting

Element Description
Create new Gallery
Click on a name or description to edit and save it
Enable list view
Enable mosaic view
Sort galleries or photo by name
Sort galleries or photo by data creation
Turn a photo of 90º left or right
Delete a single photo or a gallery

.upload .download

Element Description
Upload all file from a folder
Select and upload files
Drag & Drop photo into the page
Download a single file or a gallery into a zipped file


Element Description
Enable someone to see your gallery
Add an email and push the button
Stop sharing the gallery

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